Range Road Enterprises Ltd.

Range Road Enterprises Ltd.

Box 944

Eckville AB T0M 0X0

Engineered in Canada

Assembled in Canada

Designed with common parts

Economical and Affordable


 The Range Road Firewood Processors are an economical solution for Home owners,

Acreage owners and anybody that burns wood, they can process more than a cord an hour of 8"

or larger wood and are an affordable tool.

With the adjustable splitter wedge wood can be split in half or into quarters,

there is an optional 6 way splitter available as well.


Coming Soon - Last week of May 2015

Infeed conveyor that will retrofit to any

RR2000 or RR2500 Processor.

Approx. $1250.00

No Welding - Bolt on Kit

Over 150 Units Sold