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Range Road Processors are designed and assembled in Canada.

Firewood Processors

The New 2014 Model RR2500 will be arriving for late April Deliveries.

We would like to thank our customers for the great support and feedback that we have received, this has been a tremendous winter season for us and because of the customer response we have very few processors left in stock, we weren't prepared for this and our next order doesn't arrive until mid April.

The Range Road Firewood Processors are an economical solution for Acreage owners and anybody that burns wood, they can process more than a cord an hour of 10" or larger wood and are an affordable tool.

With the adjustable splitter bar wood can be split in half or into quarters, there is an optional 6 way splitter available as well.

Click on the YouTube Video Link below to see the new video of the RR2000 in action.


*RR2000 with 128" Conveyor*


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6.5 Ton, 6.5Hp, 14" Max. Log Diameter

MSRP $4895.00 + GST

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10 Ton, 13HP, 16" Max. Log Diameter

MSRP $6449.00 + GST

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