EcoProPTORange Road offers our EcoProPTO Firewood Processor to help fill a void in the industry, offering acreage owners an economical and well engineered processor.

The Range Road EcoProPTO firewood processor is based on our proven models with stronger hydraulics to push it to 27 Tons. This 3 point hitch model can be used with most tractors over 20hp. From the powder coated structure, to its reliable PTO drive, this processor will exceed your expectations and turn your logs into firewood effortlessly!

Standard Features:

  • 18" Oregon Hydraulic Chainsaw Bar
  • 27 Ton Hydraulic Ram
  • 7 Second Cycle Time
  • Maximum Log Diameter 16"
  • Maximum Split Length 24" (adjustable)
  • 3 Point Mount
  • 3.2 Output Conveyor
  • Conveyor Winch Kit
  • 10" Wide Conveyor
  • 2" Ball Coupler
  • 2-4 Way Adjustable Splitter
  • Safety Cage
  • Safety Switch

***Infeed not included.



EcoProPTO - Crated
EcoProPTO - Assembled
- 3 point Hitch Mounting - 540 RPM PTO drive - Can produce more than 1 cord/hour - 27 ton ram - 83Lpm 3625 PSI hydraulic pump - 7 second ram cycle time - 40cm log diameter capability - Up to 61cm splitting length - 2-4 way splitter (optional 6 way RR2166) - 3.66m log lengths, with standard log arm - 250mm wide conveyor belt & 3.2m length - 490 kgs overall weight - Bar oil drip system to keep the chain lubricated while cutting - Powder coated steel finishes - 1 year manufacturer warranty
- The Range Road EcoProPTO Firewood Processor is a simple and safe to use product designed to cut and split wood in one operation.
- Once it is mounted to the 3 Point hitch on your tractor and the PTO shaft is connected, simply load your log on the table and roller arm, advance the log to the preset length (up to 610mm), grab the saw bar handle, pull down and the saw chain spins and you are cutting through the log, the amount of pressure you apply depends on the density and dryness of the wood, but remember to let the chainsaw do the work, once you finish the cut the ram automatically advances to split the cut wood in either half or quarters depending on whether you use the 2 or 4 way splitter, we also offer an optional 6 way splitter. The ram automatically extends and retracts, ready for the next piece.
- The split firewood then advances up the hydraulically driven conveyor system. The conveyor is great for piling your wood into bins, trailers or trucks, thus eliminating multiple handling and saving you time! - The height of the conveyor can be adjusted simply by using the included winch. The conveyor can also be folded in half for easy storage or transport. The conveyor itself is 3.2m long. - The rolling log table can also be folded up for transport and storage, reducing the overall footprint when not in use.
The EcoProPTO main deck is made from 3mm formed steel sheet with 16mm Subframe supports.

All steel components are lasercut for accuracy and either have a powder coated or galvanized finish to stand up to Canadian weather. We recommend covering your processor when not in use, but if you forget, it’s good to know it will endure nature.

The Wedge is 20mm Thick x 145mm Wide

The Range Road EcoProPTO Firewood Processor is capable of cutting more than 1 cord an hour and will fit 40mm diameter logs and up to 3.66m in length. The log can be cut into lengths up to 610mm. The ram splits the wood against the standard 2/4 way splitter (cuts wood in 2 or 4 pieces) or we offer an optional 6 way splitter. The EcoProPTO has a Hydraulic Chainsaw with an 18″ Stihl bar or 20" Oregon barand are designed to be used in conjunction with an 0.058″ x 0.325″ chain. The chainsaw is hydraulically driven, meaning you do not need to supply your own chainsaw. This provides a much quieter and easier to operate system than processors that require the use of chainsaw.
The EcoProPTO Firewood Processor mounts to most 3 point hitches and uses a 540 Rpm PTO drive.
We take safety very seriously at Range Road with multiple safety features, the safety cages over the working are help to keep hands away from the chainsaw and logsplitter, if you open the cage over the logsplitter the hydraulics go into neutral until you close the cage, the chainsaw itself is covered by a solid metal enclosure to keep the cuttings directed away from the user, we now have a log hold down bar that holds the log as it's cut.

Our units come with a 1 year warranty on the body and the Hydraulics
*commercial use warranty is 3 months*

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EcoProPTO Firewood Processor
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