EcoPro300 Firewood Processor

The Range Road EcoPro300 Firewood Processor comes ready to work and is loaded with features, all you need to do is pick the engine you prefer. The EcoPro300 has the pushing power of our previous 20 Ton unit but also has the extra torque of the 27 ton to make splitting easier.

This unit come with a 250mm wide output conveyor.

Optional Components:

RR2501 Hydraulic Infeed
RR2504 Belt Infeed
RR2166 6 Way Splitter
RR102 Live Deck with feed rollers
RR105 Log Lifter with feed roller

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Shown with RR2504 Hydraulic Infeed



Crated Unit Pricing:

Engine Warranty:

Processor Warranty:

Hydraulic Ram:

Hydraulic Ram Cycle Time:

Hydraulic Chainsaw:

Bar & Chain:

Maximum Log Diameter:

Maximum Splitting Length:

 Log Hold Down Arm:

Conveyor Winch Kit:

3 meter Output Conveyor:

250mm Wide Conveyor Belt:

Emergency Kill Switch:


Conveyor speed control/shut-off:

Large Diameter Hydraulic Filler Tube:

Screw on Hydraulic Filler Cap:

RR2501 Hydraulic Roller Infeed:

RR2504 Hydraulic Belt Infeed 120cm L x 20cm W:

RR102 Hydraulic Live Deck or RR105 Hydraulic Log Lift:

RR2166 6 way splitter


14 Hp Kohler

3 Year @ Kohler Dealer

1 Year Non-Commercial

7 Seconds

18" Stihl Bar .325 Chain







+Taxes & Freight (where Applicable)


13 Hp Honda

call for availability

3 Year @ Honda Dealer

1 Year Non-Commercial

7 Seconds

18" Stihl Bar .325 Chain







+Taxes & Freight (where Applicable)

The Range Road EcoPro300 cuts and splits wood in one operation, it can produce over a cord of cut firewood wood an hour.

The EcoPro300 can process logs up to 40cm (16”) in diameter and can split to a maximum length of 61cm (24”).

Operation of the unit is safe and simple, load your log onto the table and roller arm, push into the processor, the log stops at the depth you have preset, grab the saw bar handle, pull down and the saw chain spins and you are cutting through the log, the amount of pressure you apply depends on the density and dryness of the wood, but remember to let the chainsaw do the work. The processor cuts wood to the desired length and then automatically starts splitting the wood, the cut wood drops into the splitter tray and the ram pushes the wood through the splitter, either cutting it in half, or into quarters. Once the ram has finished pushing through the splitter, the ram automatically pulls back, ready for the next piece of wood.

The EcoPro300 has many features ensuring the safety of those operating and assisting in the processing of firewood.
Safety Cages around all areas where the action is, if the safety cage over the splitter is opened the hydraulics will not operate.
The log hold down lever is used to hold the log in place while you cut through with the hydraulic chainsaw.
When you have cut through the log and the bar is at the lower position the log drops into the splitter and the splitter automatically starts.
The height adjustable two leg front support assists with balance and stability when operating.

The adjustable single wheel on the front drawbar makes it easy to roll around and to adjust the log roll or drawbar Height.

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EcoPro300 General Operation video
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Here is a video of an EcoPro300 Processor with an RR105 Log Lifter submitted by a customer in Japan
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