Chainsaw Attachments

Saw Horse w/Chainsaw Holder


Rugged metal construction with corrosion-resistant zinc-plated finish
Conveniently folds for compact storage
Measures: 34.625" L x 28" W x 33.84" H in use
34.625" L x 6.125" W x 3.84"H folded
Easily attaches to almost any chainsaw.

Special Order Only

Chainsaw Mill Attachment (Portable Sawmill)

Cut planks of lumber at adjustable thicknesses from 0.20" to 11.81".
Durable aircraft aluminum and stainless steel construction gives you a tool that's lightweight and tough.
Compact size and light weight allows you to take the guide into the field with you.

RR244920"Logs up to 17" diameter.
Chainsaw bars up to 20"
RR2449RR2449$115.15 Special Order
RR245024"Logs up to 21" diameter.
Chainsaw bars 16"-24"
RR2451RR2451$158.30 In Stock
RR245136"Logs up to 33" diameter.
Chainsaw Bars 18"-36"
$170.25 In Stock
RR245248"Logs up to 45" diameter.
Chainsaw bars 24"-48"
$171.50 Special Order

Log Peeler

Attaches to most 65cc or smaller chainsaws with 325 & 3/8" pitch chains.
RR244510"x5"x3"RR2445$117 In Stock

Mini Mill Chainsaw Attachment

Fits all makes of chainsaws.
Includes 12" V-rail cut guide.
Ideal for making dimensional lumber or squaring logs.
RR2454RR2454RR2454$113.00 Special Order