Logging Tongs & Log Movers

Skidding Tongs

These high carbon steel skidding tongs are shaped to increase tip penetration and designed to get the best grip. Powder-coat finish. Jaw opening 16" - 32"

Part No.Max. Jaw OpeningDimensionsNet Weight
RR246216"19 x 5.5 x 47cm3.2KG$34.90 In Stock
RR246432"88 x 7.5 x 35.5cm9.1KG$87.25 Out of Stock

Swivel Tongs

These durable high carbon steel tongs are ideal for dragging and skidding operations. The swivel hook keeps the chain from twisting and the log from rolling.

19 x 5.5 x 51cm3.5 KG$44.35 In Stock
RR246132"80 x 28 x 38.5cm9.3 KG$99.45 In Stock

Lifting Tong

These lifting tongs are made with forged round alloy steel for the best tensile strength and durability.
Shaped to increase tip penetration and get the best grip.
Available in 20" or 32" jaw opening.
RR246520"2000 lb. capacity$86.45 In Stock

Swivel Lifting Tong

The swivel tongs are ideal for skidding and dragging operations.
come with either 20" or 32" jaw opening.

RR246632"2500 lb. capacity$111.95 In Stock

3-Claw Lifting Tongs

The RR4654 & RR4655 provide a firm grip when pulled, 1500 lb. capacity. Easily attaches to tow chains making it versatile to pull with your ATV, truck,tractor etc. Maximum log diameter 28" - 32"
RR465532"2200 lb. capacity$156.70 IN STOCK

4-Claw Lifting Tong

The extra tong allows for heavy duty lifting capacity.

RR465828"2500 lb. capacity$131.05 IN STOCK

16" Broad Lifting Tong


Outfit your timber logging kit with these heavy duty tongs. Max. jaw opens to 16" lifting capacity 1,500 lbs.
Forged, round steel ring for skidding or lifting.
The sharp teeth have a lasting edge for a secure hold, powder coated steel with a strong tow hook for dragging; Bright colour makes these tongs easy to spot and keep track of in the woods.