Logging Hand Tools

Tree Felling Levers

Heavy duty forged felling lever. Comes with sliding forged cant hook. Bent no slip handle provides extra leverage.
RR4600800mm$44.75 In Stock
RR46011200mm$55.60 In Stock
RR46021300mm$56.25 In Stock

Manual Log Tongs

Manual log tongs with offset handle makes it easy to grip, carry & stack firewood.
RR461110"Grabs logs 8" - 10" diameter.$16.75 In Stock
RR461216"Grabs logs up to 16" diameter.$23.95 In Stock

Light Duty Log Hook



The Range Road log hook is a great tool for grabbing firewood & logs. Comfortable wood handle and sharpened steel point makes stacking & moving logs a breeze.


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Heavy Duty Log Hook



Makes logs easier to handle while reducing strain on your back. Made of forged steel.


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Draw Shaves

Easily shave firewood, logs, fence posts and more. Great for building furniture. Durable, lightweight and easy to use. Designed with a long lasting sharpened/hardened steel blade (we recommend coating with an anti-rust oil to ensure maximum life). Wood grip handles are not only comfortable but provide you with a secure hold when using.
RR46255"$15.25 In Stock
RR46268"$15.55 In Stock
RR462710"$16.55 In Stock
RR462813"$18.00 In Stock

RR4630 Shingle Froe


The Shingle Froe allows you to be precise while splitting lumber, shakes, shingles, and turning blanks.
18-inch long handle is constructed from solid hardwood for less user fatigue and more productivity.

$26.95 In Stock

RR4636 24" De-Barking Spud


The beveled blade meets the curvature of the log to easily slide between the bark and the wood to reduce damage to the log while removing bark. Perfect for removing bark from green logs.

$20.25 In Stock