Long Handled Tools

Steel Handled Timber Jack

Overall length 48", usable handle length 37". Handles up to 12" diameter logs, lifts logs 11"off ground. Lift can be removed.
RR24382 piece assembly$45.65 In Stock

Wood Handled Timber Jacks

Hard wood handle for tough jobs. Overall length 48“. Useable handle length 37”
Handles logs up to 14“ diameter. Lifts logs 11” off ground.
RR2480RR2480RR2480$52.60 In Stock
RR2481RR2481RR2481$53.65 In Stock

48" Steel Peavy

Full forged hook with one piece steel powder coated handle, used to move logs.
RR2424RR2424RR2424$35.05 In Stock

48" Steel Cant Hook

A cant hook has a small toe hook on the end which provides a second biting edge. Used for handling logs & cants.

RR2434RR2434$34.60 Out Of Stock


48" Wooden Peavy

Grab or roll logs up to 12" diameter on the ground or off your wood pile. Solid 2" hardwood for strength and durability. The comfortable wood handle gives you a secure grip and is warmer than metal handles.
RR2482RR2482$50.35 In Stock

48" Wooden Cant Hook

One piece solid 2" diameter wooden handle. Use with 12" - 14" logs.

RR2483RR2483$50.35 In Stock

Aluminum Handle Hookeroon

This lifting pick makes handling logs much easier thanks to an ergonomic, non-slip aluminum handle, slip-catching end, a tempered-steel hook with sharp tip & notches for extra grip in frozen wood.
RR243122" Handle$48.65 In Stock
RR243228" Handle$43.00 In Stock
RR243030" Handle$40.95 In Stock

Log Carriers - 48" Handle

Overall length 46”
Carry up to 16" diameter logs.
Unique swivel feature allows log to move freely.
RR2440Aluminum HandleRR2440$110.95 In Stock
RR2485Wood HandleRR2485$55.20 In Stock