Other Logging Tools & Products

Choke Cable

Maximum pulling force 2640 lbs.
Tow ring fits over 2" trailer ball.
RR24703/16" x 10ft
Weight 0.6KG
RR24715/16" x 15ft
Weight 2.1KG

Chain Hook

Item weight 5.6KG

RR247380" chain with a 5/16" x 15" grab hook.
Pull Capacity 4700 lbs.
Breaking Strength 15,200 lbs.

Logging Skid Plate


Weight: 25KG

Assembled with two 5/16"x 4 ft. pull chains & 2" tow ring
1/4" load binder with two 24" chains and 2 clevis pins, 25 x 25 in. plate
Easily tows large logs, eliminates digging into ground. Dismantles for easy storage.

Splitting Wedge

Drop forged & powder coated carbon steel design makes for fast & easy splitting.
RR24904 lb.Package 7.2" x 3" x3"
RR24916 lb.Package 11.5" x 4" x 4"
RR24928 lb.Package 13.5" x 6" x 6"

Felling Wedges

High impact ABS, double tapered.