Pellet Makers


Homemade Wood Pellet Machines
These small pellet machines can make wood pellets from any kind of saw dust, recycled paper, grass, leaves, or any type of biomass. Never pay for expensive wood pellets any more, make them for free with the portable pellet machine. Even better make pellets for your neighbors’ and get them to pay you!
Features of Small Flat Die Wood Pellet Mill:
-Flexible and movable biopellet machine design; widely used in small wood pellet plant or home fuel pellet making.
-Capacity ranges from 40 Kg/h to 550 Kg/h, various models for choice.
-Equipped with gearbox which can control the material feeding speed and ensure wood pellet quality, at the same time prolong pellet machine life.
-Suitable for all kinds of biomass materials to make biopellets
-make sure to do your research as there is no "how to make pellets manual", moisture content and binders depend on product, humidity, machine temperature, etc.

Model Drive Type  Die Diameter Die Hole Specification Saw Dust Capacity Feed Capacity
RRKL120B-gas 7.5 Hp Gas 120mm 2.5 - 10mm 40 - 60 kg/h 60 - 100 kg/h
RRKL200-gas 15Hp Gas 200mm 2.5 - 10mm 110 - 140 kg/h 200 - 300 kg/h
RRKL230P PTO 18-28Hp 230mm 2.5 - 10mm 150 - 190 kg/h 300 - 400 kg/h
RRKL260P PTO 28-45Hp 260mm 2.5 - 10mm 220 - 280 kg/h 400 - 600 kg/h

Please note: All Special orders are non-returnable/non-refundable

*Because of the nature of how a Pellet maker works using heat and pressure, all units are non-returnable/non-refundable*

*as with all of our equipment Range Road does not warranty the engines, engine warranty is with the engine manufacturer or their representative*

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