Standalone 6m Chain Conveyor

The Range Road RR503 stand alone conveyor has its own 6.5hp engine and can be used in any application where a longer conveyor is needed. It can also be used with any Range Road Firewood Processor to increase the reach and height. The RR503 folds up for mobility and storage. Comes with a 2″ trailer coupler for easy mobility. This unit is identical to our RR502 model, the belt is replaced with a chain & paddle system.

The RR503 Stand-alone Conveyor can be used with Range Road  Firewood Processors in place of the standard conveyor or as a complimentary addition to any woodlot.  It can mount to the processor and run off the hydraulics of your firewood processor.


6m Standalone Chain Conveyor

$ 2735
  • In Stock
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  • 6m (18') Conveyor Length
  • 12" Width
  • 179 cc Engine
  • Removable Tongue
  • 2" Coupler
  • Tongue Jack
  • Wide Swivel Tires
  • Lever Control On/Off
  • Over Control to Raise/Lower
  • Hydraulic Lift Cylinder
  • Wide Loading Trough

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