36" Sawmill with 22Hp Rato Engine & Powerhead Kit

Introducing Range-Road’s new 60 series sawmill!

The new RR6036AW has a cutting width of a massive 36″! Our 60 series 36″ sawmill unit features added head support including rear cross support & nylon slide inserts for the posts, which eliminates the need for the locking T handles our 50 series required. We have added improvements to make the 60 series the best sawmill choice yet. Including adjustable blade guide, height & angle adjustable push bar handle, new wider bunks, heavier track & a larger all around cut! The 36″ allows for cuts 8″ above blade & has the capability to saw 36″ wide slabs. The latch design for the door panels has been updated. Last but not least, with the size of this beast we have included an electric powerhead kit a standard feature!

The Range Road RR6036AW portable sawmill is versatile which makes it a great tool for any lumber project. It has the capability of sawing logs up to 36” wide and a cut length of 122”. 

It is equipped with a 22Hp Predator engine and has a blade speed of 3150 fpm.

You can add as many 2.05m extension kits as you need for your job or you can mount it on one of our trailers for easy portability.

See below for package pricing. 

Prices do not include taxes, assembly or applicable FOB Eckville, Alberta.

36" sawmill

60 Series Features

3m Trailer
  • Powered by a 22 HP Rato Electric Start engine.
  • Belt driven with a clutch for superior power transfer between engine and machine, creates efficiency and allows for a smoother operation overall.
  • Built with a solid 4-post carriage design that is strong and grooved roller wheels with sealed bearings to make rolling the head smooth.
  • Easy saw head hand-crank lifting mechanism that can be adjustable (Optional Kit)
  • Permanent sealed bearings that help avoid vibrational wear and tear, increasing accuracy, output and longevity over time.
  • Two adjustable log clamps to avoid any movement while cutting, this will help to give you a clean final product.
  • Ability to precisely adjust the cut thickness of each log so you can mill the lumber to whatever dimensions are needed for your project.
  • Manual feed saw head powered by the user giving total control cover the cutting process for maximum safety and desired outcome.
  • Additional 2.05m track extension kit is available to bring the total cutting capacity up to 16’ or more.
  • Adjustable Height & Angle Push Bar
  • Adjustable Blade Guide
  • Head Support for Stability
    • Max log diameter: 36″
  • Maximum Cut Width: 36″ (91 cm)
  • Maximum Cut Length: 124″ (315 cm)
  • 10° Blade: 174″ x 1.5″ x .042″
  • Blade Speed: 3150 fpm
  • Track Length: 4.1m (2x 2.05m sections)
  • Track Size: 1/4″ x 2 1/4″ x 3 5/8″
  • Maximum Cut Depth: 8″ Above Blade
  • ADJUSTABLE Distance Between Blade Guides: 13 3/4″- 36″ 

Saw blade:

  • Blade wheel diameter: 19″
  • Blade engagement: Belt drive B2007
  • Blade guide: By roller & guide
  • Blade tension: By adjustable T-Handle
  • Blade lubrication:  water tank
  • Blade specifications:
    • Blade length: 174’’ (4115 mm)
    • Blade width: 1.5’’ (38 mm)
    • Blade kerf: 0.035’’-0.43’’ (0.9-1.1 mm).


  • 22hp Predator (Rato)
  • Start type: Electric Start
  • Low Oil  automatic shutdown

The Range Road RR6036A portable sawmill is versatile which makes it a great tool for any lumber project. It is capable of sawing slabs up to 32” width and comes standard with cut length ability of 3m (122”). This sawmill comes equipped with a 22Hp Predator engine.

Blade length is 174″ & blade speed is 3150 fpm.

Add as many 2.05m extension kits as you need for your job.

Trailer options available for portability. See package pricing on this page.

We also have smaller versions of this sawmill available.

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